Staubach-Era Initial Meeting



Initial Meeting

Several EB Arrow executives meet while working at The Staubach Company during a period of significant company growth




Early-Mid 2000's - Overheating Market


Early-Mid 2000’s – Overheating Market


Multi-tenant team operates as acquisitions division within Cypress Equities


Todd Minnis tasked to run acquisitions team for Cypress Equities, the investment management and development affiliate of Staubach Retail Services


Launches $30M HNW acquisitions fund


Manages JV with iStar Financial to invest in $1.3B in automotive retail (“AutoStar”)


2008 – Staubach Company sells to Jones Lang LaSalle with the exception of the retail brokerage division which is rebranded
SRS and remains independent




Financial Crisis & Aftermath


Financial Crisis & Aftermath

Team forms Arrow Retail in 2009


During the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, team separates from Cypress and establishes Arrow Retail, a new platform devoted solely to acquisitions


Deploys $110M of equity across five investments in partnership with major institutional investors



Market Recovery


Financial Market Recovery

Team launches first fund under Cypress brand


Arrow Retail realigns with Cypress and SRS to raise Fund I under a structure where company leaders act as principals of the GP


Retail Termoil


Retail Uncertainty

Arrow Retail re-establishes to focus solely on fund growth and asset repositioning


Arrow Retail fully deploys Fund I in ten retail assets totaling $1.5B


Retail Reinvention


Retail Reinvention

EB Arrow is established in 2018

EB Arrow Logo

EB Arrow is formed following an investment from EBA Investments, Ltd. (a subsidiary of China Everbright, Ltd.) to advance company growth and take advantage of new market opportunities


In June 2018, EB Arrow acquires a single-tenant net lease platform with strong credit and long average lease terms to provide resiliency during economic downturns.