EB Arrow is an experienced commercial real estate investment firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas specializing in large scale mixed-use properties properties located throughout the United States. Our team works with users of real estate and institutional investment capital to target strategic growth areas, and create value through a disciplined approach to development, leasing, financing, asset management, investor relations and marketing.

With a track record of managing over $3.5 billion dollars of investments in commercial real estate around the country, our diverse team of professionals navigates the changing real estate landscape by targeting key opportunities to provide innovative investment strategies. EB Arrow focuses on complex real estate investments that require a strong background in community integration, entitlements and underlying real estate agreements necessary to integrate multiple users and requirements throughout large projects.

Our leadership team has built an innovative and accountable culture, in which all employees are encouraged to embrace change and deliver results through collaboration and innovation. Today’s market requires constant adaptation, but key factors define the foundation for success including commitment to great real estate and a strong capital platform to support and develop world class projects.