At EB Arrow, we value our employees and ethics over enterprise. We operate by a set of core beliefs, which allow us to deliver the very best results for our clients and build lasting relationships within our company, across our industry and with the communities in which we invest.

We believe…

  • EB Arrow fosters a WELCOMING environment respectful of each person’s unique differences and backgrounds. We believe our company’s diversity makes us a stronger team.
  • EB Arrow employees shall foster a work environment based upon TRUST, both internally among each other and externally to our customers and business partners.
  • EB Arrow seeks employees who are ENJOYABLE and just plain fun to work with. Our team works hard, but we have a good time with each other while getting the job done.
  • EB Arrow encourages a COLLABORATIVE work environment which plays to each person’s unique strengths and fosters growth within the company.
  • Each EB Arrow employee shall be ACCOUNTABLE for their work product, their time management, as well as their commitments to their co-workers and to themselves.
  • EB Arrow employees shall conduct themselves in a PROFESSIONAL manner which reflects positively upon the character and values indicative of the company.
  • At EB Arrow TEAMWORK is at the center of our culture and brings us all closer. Being flexible and adaptive encourages a working environment that is based on being part of the larger team.
  • EB Arrow employees shall be RELIABLE to do their job efficiently and counted on to do what they say they are going to do.
  • EB Arrow employees are encouraged to seek INNOVATIVE, outside-of-the-box solutions and ideas which foster its pioneering culture.
  • EB Arrow encourages STRATEGIC thinking at every level of the company which positions the company as industry experts and advances the company above the competition.

More information

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