The property management requirements of owning single-tenant net lease assets vary from property to property. Some of our single-tenant properties require little to no landlord participation, while others require a more involved owner to manage tasks such as coordinating onsite vendors or paying and subsequently reconciling tax, maintenance and/or insurance payments.

Regardless of the level of service required, EB Arrow believes that the best way to maintain quality assets and dependable cash flows is to foster healthy tenant relationships. Our in house property management team provides tenants with an open line of communication to address all of their needs, from store performance to maintenance concerns. Through this collaborative relationship, we are able to gather helpful information that promotes steady and reliable cash flows, well-maintained assets and satisfied tenants.

We believe property values and, ultimately, our investors’ returns are best maintained or improved by simply addressing the needs of our tenants and the properties within which they operate.

EB Arrow’s property management services include active management of onsite service providers, coordination of tax/insurance and common area maintenance obligations, rent payment and lease negotiations, performance monitoring and routine site inspections.