EB Arrow’s single-tenant net-lease funds provide stable and predictable cash flows to investors through diversified investments in single-tenant net lease retail properties. This is a high-occupancy sector of the commercial real estate market, which typically generates consistent income through property rental streams.

EB Arrow’s portfolios of single-tenant net lease retail properties are diversified by geography, industry, tenant and sector across the United States. We select strong credit, brand name tenants with long-term leases to provide a stable base of cash flow to our limited partners.

In certain strategies, we create additional value through the strategic buying and selling of properties within the real estate and securities markets.

Our funds are typically structured in a tax-efficient limited partnership, allowing for depreciation and amortization deductions that reduce and defer taxes paid as a percentage of cash distributions to the investor.

Advantages of EB Arrow's Real Estate Funds:

  • Diversified, stable cash flow for investors through a tax efficient structure
  • Continual strategic acquisitions and dispositions based on opportunities, proprietary market insights, demographics and trends
  • Tax-free exchange of properties for partnership units available for 1031 exchangers
  • Active management of tenants on behalf of investors

1031 Exchange Solutions:

EB Arrow’s real estate funds are also solutions for 1031 exchangers seeking a passive, diversified investment ranging from $100,000 to $10 million or more. Our funds typically allow for a tax-free exchange of property for partnership units in the fund. Our funds may continue to 1031 exchange a property for the benefit of the contributing investor, allowing for continued deferral of gains.

High net-worth individuals (through direct investments and wealth advisors), family offices, trusts, endowments, foundations and other accredited investors are typical partners for our single-tenant net-lease funds.

For additional information on EB Arrow’s Real Estate Funds, contact 972.656.6085 or email ir@eba-us.com.