EverSTAR 1031 Solutions provide a range of options for investors seeking to invest their 1031 exchange proceeds ranging from $100,000 to $10 million or more into single-tenant net lease retail investments designed to defer taxes, diversify risk, eliminate management effort and simplify estate planning. EB Arrow considers each investor’s 1031 exchange objectives and customizes a solution that best fits that investor.

EverSTAR Exchange

EverSTAR™ Exchange offers the benefits of a managed, diversified investment while retaining 100% property ownership and 1031 exchangeability.

EverSTAR Exchange offers

  • Guaranteed rental payments even during periods of vacancy
  • Property management
  • Management of tenant defaults and re-tenanting
  • Coverage of costs to re-tenant and improve property
  • 20 year minimum absolute triple-net lease
  • Pre-Arranged bank financing
  • Rights of property ownership including choice to sell

EverSTAR Exchange is well-suited for

  • Backup, stub, and estate trades with downleg cash of >$1 million
  • 1031 exchangers seeking an estate planning solution for passing on a low burden and lower risk real estate investment to their heirs

EverSTAR Real Estate Funds

EverSTAR Real Estate Funds provide 1031 exchangers a tax-free exchange of property for partnership units in a single-tenant retail real estate fund.

EverSTAR Real Estate Funds offers

  • Diversified, stable cash flow for investors
  • Tax efficient structure
  • Continual strategic acquisitions and dispositions with the objective of realizing capital gains
  • Active management of tenants on behalf of investors

EverSTAR Real Estate Funds well well-suited for

  • Backup, stub, and estate trades with downleg cash of $100,000 to >$10 million
  • 1031 exchangers seeking a passive, diversified investment with no management required
  • High net-worth individuals (through direct investments and wealth advisors), family offices, trusts, endowments, foundations and other accredited investors

Separately Managed Account

A Separately Managed Account, or SMA, is a good option for investors with sufficient capital to allow for diversification, providing a customized investment strategy that is wholly owned by the investor.

SMAs offer

  • Tailored strategy to achieve the client’s investment goals
  • Risk and return preferences ranging from higher risk short-term lease strategies to more conservative investment-grade major market strategies
  • Active management of portfolio to achieve investment objectives
  • Management of tenants on behalf of investors

SMAs are well suited for

  • Trades with downleg cash of >$25 million

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